Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Day 18 Update

Teri posted on Facebook:
Day 18.🌦

Florida✅ Alabama✅ Mississippi✅ Tennessee✅ Kentucky✅ Indiana✅

The Mull boys and Ken are crossing over into the homeland today! Andy and Chris are pedaling roughly 40 miles from Warsaw, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio!!! O-H!!!

We are reaching the home stretch of this journey! Words fail me as I try to articulate how incredibly humbled we all are for your amazing generosity, support, encouragement and prayers. So I will keep it simple: Thank you!!!❤️🥰

Andy posted this video on Facebook:

Chris texted:
Day 18: I knew it was going to be sort of a busy narrow dangerous road going up to Cincinnati before I woke up. Got off to an early start before 5:00 am to beat traffic and the rain that was coming in. 

So, 1/2 mile into the ride a vehicle pulls up to ma and shines a light at me. He goes up further and turns around so I pulled over to see what this person wants. He pulls up and says that there is a man hunt for a guy that they have surrounded in 3 mile radius. I'm like, wow! As it turns out, Andy has interaction with and approaches the guy without a shirt hiding behind a motorcycle !!! 😂 😀.  Never know if they caught him? 

So we had a about 20 miles of intense hilly, narrow, dangerous road that we ended up getting through. After that, we knew it was going to be easy breezy and fun, knowing we will be in Ohio!!! We made it to the Purple People Bridge and had some friends meet us there and had some celebratory cocktails at 9:00 am ! 😂😂😂. 

Finally got across the bridge into Ohio and made a start on the Trail to Erie  trail for a few miles. It was a fun and exciting day! Ended up doing 55-1/2 miles. 

All of these miles from the Gulf of Mexico to the shores of Lake Erie are not just for Andy and Chris' health. They are raising money for prostate cancer awareness. Use this donate button below to help Andy and Chris with their goals raising awareness. Every penny helps. Thank you.

Simon Says Run for Prostate Cancer, Inc. is a 501(c)3.


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