Friday, August 14, 2020

Day 14 Update

Teri posted on Facebook:
What started off as a wet, soggy, dreary day leaving Owensboro, Kentucky, ended with clear skies and sun in Hawesville, Kentucky! The guys rode together today for a total of roughly 59 miles and just over 1,200 ft in elevation. They traveled into Indiana to sleep tonight, but will be in and out of Indiana/Kentucky for the next few days.

Andy, Chris, and Ken are staying in their first hotel room of the trip tonight so hopefully they get a nice hot, shower and a good nights sleep!

Andy posted on Facebook:

Chris posted on Facebook:
Whoop, there it is!! Another state! We will be back and forth from Indiana and Kentucky for a couple days! Then it’s Ohio!! Tentatively looking at Cincinnati, OH on Tuesday!!

Chris texted:
Day 14: If it was goin to be one day that it was going to rain, it probably will be this day!!! We been very very fortunate so far!!! Got off to a good start at 5:30 AM, got about 15 mile in and it started raining and didn't quit until about mile 38. So about 1/2 the ride it rained. I'd rather it not rain but it stayed pretty cool for the whole ride at about 72 degrees! Always gotta look at the positive!! I pray before each ride in the morning along with countless prayers out there from all of our friends, family and supporters!!! It is amazing that we have biked over 900 miles and the only bike maintenance that we have had was 1 flat tire and Andy's bike and some loose spokes on my rear tire and not really 1 close call to think of for the both of us. And, only one wet day!!! This is almost unbelievable!!! Our God is awesome and he is answering prayers and looking out for each one of us if we would just ask!!! It was a great day despite the rain. A fairly easy day with only under 1000 feet in climbs for 54 miles! Legs are feeling strong and for the first night in 14 days we are staying at a Holiday Inn Express!!! And boy does it feel good!!! Thank you Jesus!!!


All of these miles from the Gulf of Mexico to the shores of Lake Erie are not just for Andy and Chris' health. They are raising money for prostate cancer awareness. Use this donate button below to help Andy and Chris with their goals raising awareness. Every penny helps. Thank you.

Simon Says Run for Prostate Cancer, Inc. is a 501(c)3.


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