Thursday, July 27, 2023

7/27/23 An Update from Chris


An Update from Chris

After several bouts with heat exhaustion in the last few weeks and in the past, it seems my body is very susceptible to the dangers of the heat. Yesterday’s bike ride was no different. I suffered all the symptoms including dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision, severe cramping, etc. After not being able to hold anything down, Tracy took me to the emergency room in Crestview. They hooked me up to an IV and treated me til after midnight. long story short, some of my kidney levels are a little high, concerning but not alarming. Unfortunately, I will not be joining up with the team on todays ride 🥲🥲. Due to my health concerns, I will be assisting as a SAG for the duration of the ride and not as a rider. Andy and Ken will continue with the ride and we will give them our full support to the finish line in Charleston, SC. On the first day of their biking journey, Chris, Andy, and Ken undertook a grueling 81-mile ride with 2,172 ft of elevation from Perdido to Crestview. Despite the extreme heat, they persevered and successfully completed the lengthy journey. Our guys enjoyed some Hawaiian food from Pounders Hawaiian Grill and are resting, hydrating and relaxing. Tomorrow is another long day with approximately 70 miles to the next stop which will be Chipley, Florida.
We are all so grateful for your continued support, encouragement and prayers. Please continue to spread the word and make sure to talk about the REASON for this journey; prostate cancer awareness!!! If your 50 or older, please get checked; your loved ones will love you even more for it!❤️😘🥰

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