Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Thank You to the 2022 Sponsors for Simon Says Bike

Donations are still being accepted as the guys near their goal.

Chris, Andy and Ken are at it again - raising money for prostate cancer awareness. Last year's bike ride from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Erie raised over $20,000! Joining them will be Dustin Littledale, Kevin Castillo, Jonohon "Chip" Berry and Ken Newman.

This year's goal is $25,000. Let's help them reach it.

Donations as of 5/09/22

Here are the individuals and organizations who have signed up for this year:

Brian & Judy Allensworth
Madeline Anderson
Scott Ballinger
Julianna Barrack
Carol Bauer
Beach Billy Wear
Leigh Berryman
Best Western Plus - Madison, FL
Karen Biggs
Tina Blum
Evie Branish
Greg Brooks
Olivia Brown
Kitty Case
Juan Castillo
Dana Cervantes
William Clark
Lily Cory
Cotton Mouth Motorcycles
Brennan Crim
Karmen Dallas
Anna Darty
Judy Davis
Scott Deal
Garner Dental
Edward Desrosiers
Tracy DeVack
Rick & Christy Emmanuel
Shelby Faulkner
Michael & Carol Gross
Jaime Hanlon
Cynthia Hintz
Sydney Hostetter
Christopher Huffman
Regan Hutchinson
Josh Jambon
Tori Kahl
Heather King
Art Krempin
David Lambert
Lost Bayou Sauces
Bobbi Lynn
Daphne Marler
Amber Meche
Brenda Meier
Ray & Kay Moody
Noah Moseley
The Mullet Wrapper
Bill Mullins
Jason Murray
Kami Norus
Steve Odham
Tara Painter
Tim & Cindy Parker
Morgan Pate
David Pellegrino
Gary Pepin
Perdido Key Sports Bar
Arther Pimential
Playa Del Rio
Donnie Plombon
Rick & Shari Polchosky
David Pollman
Dayne Popa
Carrie Profitt
Purple Parrot Beach Bar
Trista Ray
Randall Richmond
Roy & Susan Ridgeway
Cam Rios
Lori Robins
Ray Russell
Rhiannon Schaefer
Jack Schumann
Sophia Showalter
John and Donna Mason-Smith
Sophia Sobich
Maria Stahl
Chuck Stoops
Kristen Swayze
Angelina Tembles
Norman Thomas
Fran Thompson
Matthew Tripepi
Ethan Turner
Mike & Maureen Turner
Amanda Wade
Tracy Ward
Shelli Wescoat
Beth Westover
Amy Wyatt
Denise Williams

If you’d like to join our valued supporters by giving a donation today, we’d love to welcome you.  Use the donate button below to make your contribution using Venmo (SimonSaysBike). Contributions may also be made by checks. Checks should be made out to 'Simon Says' and mailed to: 

Simon Says
13422 Valerie Drive
Pensacola, FL 32507

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Simon Says Run for Prostate Cancer, Inc. is a 501(c)3.

Venmo is our preferred means of accepting donations.

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