Sunday, May 1, 2022

Kevin Castillo Updates

April 30, 2022

So, day 15 DONE!!! We arrived in Key West, Fl. safe and sound today at 12:15 pm after riding 86.50 miles to give grand total of 1001.10-mile ridden from NW Florida tip to mile marker ZERO in Key West. What a great experience and adventure to do for a good cause. I want to thank my 6 other riders and our 2 SAG guys for getting my old ass thru this. Could not have had done it without them, thank you very much to all my FB family, friends and old military buddies who stepped up and donated to this great cause, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Day 14 done. Rode 48.04 miles today with awesome weather and the wind at our backs. One day left. We will be in Key West tomorrow. Looking for that final push to help us reach our goal of $25,000.00. Please go to Simonsaysbike on Face Book or to donate. Thank you to all who have donated and supported this great cause so far. One more day left, LETS MAKE THIS GOAL HAPPEN. See y'all in Key West tomorrow.

April 28, 2022
Day 13 done, thank God. Beautiful weather, short day but everything went wrong. Rode for 59.72 miles thru Miami. Started the day off going down and getting scraped and banged up a little. Minor damage to my bike. I got 2 flats and we had a total of 4 flats today. Made it to Florida City in one piece. Tomorrow we head 1 block south and hit the Keys. Two more days left. LETS GO!!!

April 27, 2022Day 12 one the books. Rode 51 miles today to Hollywood, FL. Weather was awesome except for a little wind for the last 20 miles. Tomorrow on to Homestead, then the Keys.

April 26 at 12:30 PM 
Day 11 done! Rode 60.37 miles today to West Palm Beach. Staying at a really nice house with 7 bedrooms and our own private pool. Time to relax!!!

April 25 
Day 10 in the books. Rode 70.13 miles today. Quick stop on Melbourne this morning for sunrise, then thru Vero beach to Ft. Pierce. Quick stop at the Tipsy Tiki for a refreshment. Now at Days Inn doing laundry and relaxing. Until tomorrow.

April 24 

Day 9 done. Rode 63.04 miles today to Cocoa Beach FL. Beautiful weather with very little wind. Waiting to check into our rooms. Time to hang out by the pool and beer.

April 23 at 3:43 PM

Day 8 done. Quick stop at the hard rock in Daytona Beach then finished in New Smyrna Beach. Rode 75.45 miles today. View from our balcony at the Best Western. Awesome.

Day 7 in the books. Rode 59.68 miles today from Starke, FL. to St. Augustine. We are now on the east coast and have completed 487.78 miles. Tomorrow we start heading south to Key West. Don't forget to support at Doing laundry now, then picking up 2 bikes at repair shop, then dinner. Until tomorrow.

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