Sunday, September 6, 2020

2020 Donors List

Donations are steadily pouring in to raise awareness about prostate cancer and to find a cure for this often fatal disease. From Andy, Chris, Ken and all of us who have helped with this fundraising campaign and from all of those men and their families and friends effected by prostate cancer to everyone who has donated to this effort : We humbly thank you! 

TOTAL:  $20,000
Our Goal is $25,000
Can you help us reach our goal?

2020 Donations Received From:

Judith Alber

Allegheny Outfitters

Judy Allensworth
Peggy Allwardt
Walter Antram

BB Rooner's
(Roy Paparodis)

Laura Bales
Carol Bauer
Pam & Stan Baytos

Ben's Restaurant

Kathy Berlin
Christian & Kelly Bezilla
Cynthia Birchfield
Tina Blum
Diane Bender
Brian Bortz
Jen & Shannon Brown
Bobby Bruno
Raymond Capoti
Carolyn Cappabianca
Deborah Cason
Kevin Castillo
Gary Chepke
Bill and Rita Clark
Shelly Colucci
Stephen Combs
John Cooke
Renee Smeltzer Craig
Ellen Daly
Judy Davis
Peggy Pugh Davis
Scott Deal
Jayne DeCort
Jeff DeCort
Cheryl DeGregory
Tracy Devack
Emily Dietz
Roger Dodson
Mike Douglas
Trudy & Allen Douglas
Laura Dye
Trisha Ecrement
Tracy Eiland
Darren Elias
Mike Emch

Fairhope Juice Company

Debbie Falasca
Alice Felden
Lexy & Conner Fenton
Anne & Jim Folds
Taylor Folds
Michelle & Lake Garner
James Graves
Tom & Renee Greasel
Dawn Griffith
John & Betty Grim
Tammy Gustafson 
John Gwinn
Amanda Habeger & Family
Alicia Hahn
Tim Hall
Chad Hardup
Rhonda Hart
Rich Hartzell
Wendy Hauth
Ashley & Kathy Hawkins
Bruce Henderson 
Bob Hoffmaster
Victoria Honeywell
Beth Hopper
Dee Horton
Herb Hutchinson
Dale Lynne Iler
Don & Denise Isaacs
Kevin Jamison
Justin Jeffers

JRC Realty

Theresa Kaus
Puddy Kenworthy-Bear
Brian & Michelle Kerr
Patty Kirkwood Kramer
Joseph Kristoff
Dan Knapp
Daniel Knapp
Lorie "Beet Juice Girl"
Kerry Leeman
Shannon Leinenger

Magnolias on the Green Salon

Hallet Major
Caleb Markva
Daphne Marler
Tim Marler
Gene Marra
Brian Martin
Harley Martin
John & Donna Mason-Smith
Mike & Maureen Mason-Turner
Mark McBride
Nan McCartney
Mary McFeely
Tim & Rachel McLarty
Brenda Meier
Tom and Tracy Merry
James Meyer
Jim Meyer
Bill Mickey
John Miller
Daniel Modglin
Tommy Montero
Ray & Kay Moody
Noah Moseley
Bill & Tina Mull
Bunk Mull
Chloe Mull
Lettie Mull
Teri Lynne Mull
Tracy Mull
Donnie Murphy
Eric Murray
Shawn Murray

Jennifer "Gin" Newman

Dave & Michelle Nichier
Tara Painter
Lee Pallo
Erica and Dave Panning
John & Bonnie Patters
Lauri Pawluk
Perdido Pack & Ship
Janey Perline

Pick's at Portage Lakes
(Ed, Tom, Justin, Donnie, Staff & Patrons)

Kris Pondo
Judd Possage
Nicole Presley
Laura Provard
Frank & Sue Prozy
Jessica Pugh

Purple Parrot Tiki Bar & Grill

Joan Putrino
Cheri Quade
Michael Ravelette
Dan & Mary Kay Rea
Tara Reed
Roy & Susan Ridgeway
Janice Roach
Kenny Robbins
Terri Rohaley
Jan & John Ruberto
Mona Rust
Richard Sallaz
Jan Samante
Christina Scott
Wesley & Kelly Sherer
Debra Shrader
Cheryl Shreffler
David Shroades
Len Simmons
Monica Smith
Debbie Spencer
Rebecca Stanbury
Mike Stuchell
Richard & Lisa Sullivan
Herb & Melinda Sweitzer
Ryan Tessean
Tod Theodore
Kerry Thomas
Norman Thomas
Rodney & Lisa Thorn
Kelly Tobin
Melissa Toman
Marcy Tramonte
Dianne Trudeau
Rona Schmidt

Fran Thompson "Mullet Wrapper"

Edward VanCise
Mike & Tina VanCise
Rebekah Vasko
Terry Vickers
Gene Wagner
Tracy Ward
Vonda Kae Weekly
Robert & Beth Westover
Matthew Weidenhoeft
Cheryl Whalen
Jackie Wilkinson
Jeff Williams
Sara Wren
Steve & Paula Wright

If you’d like to join our valued supporters by giving a donation today, we’d love to welcome you.  Use the donate button below to make your contribution. Donations made using Venmo should go to @SimonSaysBike. Contributions may also be made by checks. Checks should be made out to 'Simon Says' and mailed to: 

Simon Says
13422 Valerie Drive
Pensacola, FL 32507

Simon Says Run for Prostate Cancer, Inc. is a 501(c)3.


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